We Go Together Like (Bread & Butter) - 16 oz


Backyard Brine

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Backyard Brine's version of the classic, these B&B's are sweetened with a mixture of brown sugar and maple syrup. Sweet, crunchy and delicious!

Meet the Vendor

Backyard Brine is a specialty food company founded by husband and wife team Cori Anne and Randy Kopke. They produce all-natural pickled products, condiments and preserves on the beautiful North Fork of Long Island.

Backyard Brine started in 2013 in the Kopke's home kitchen with family recipes and produce from a backyard garden. Their first order was 100 jars of pickles for favors for a family wedding. Anne and Randy came up with names, such as “Dill Death Do Us Part”, “We Go Together Like Bread & Butter” and “Relish the Moment.” The pickles were a hit and Backyard Brine was born!