Salted European Style Butter (8oz)

Salted European Style Butter (8oz)

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Ronnybrook Farm Dairy
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Gathered by Nettie's Country Bakery will be fulfilling Salted European Style Butter (8oz) orders.

This butter is freshly churned in small batches at Ronnybrook Farm Dairy in Acramandale, New York. It is churned in 40-gallon batches which produces an 84-86%  butterfat content and allows for very little moisture.

Meet the Vendor:

At Ronnybrook Farm Dairy, a family-owned farm in Acramandale, NY, the health of the cows and the quality of the milk have always been front and center. That's why they have never used synthetic growth hormones and never will. Their pasture-raised cows are the offspring of a long line of prize-winning Holsteins that the family has raised for over 70 years.