Gera, Ethiopia (12 oz)

Gera, Ethiopia (12 oz)

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Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Co.
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Gathered by Nettie's Country Bakery will be fulfilling Gera, Ethiopia (12 oz) orders.

Grown 2,000 meters above sea level, the GERA estate focuses on sustainability and good working conditions by growing their beans with natural fertilizers and no chemical insecticides. They are then dried in raised beds. This natural process yields a highly acidic, full-bodied, sweet coffee with notes of apricot, honey and lemongrass.

About the Seller

It all started when a father and son discovered a love for roasting fresh coffee in their Patchogue home. They wanted to bring that joy to their community, and in 2010 Roast Coffee & Tea Trading Company was born. The owners chose to locate their shop in their hometown, to help contribute to the area's revitalization. Today, the company continues to roast coffee with care, using single origin beans and light-medium roasts to ensure every bean is filled with love.