Ethiopian Yirgacheffe (12 oz) - Magick Roasting Company


Magick Roasting Co.

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Exceeding expectations, the single-origin Ethiopian Yirgacheffe is beautifully aromatic, full-bodied, bright, and complex. Hints of chocolate with a smooth, caramelly texture, pairs well with its combination of fruit and sweet honey. This Ethiopian has unique qualities that will ensnare the senses.

Meet the Vendor:

Magick Roasting Company is a coffee micro-roaster based in Patchogue, NY where everything is made to order. Each bean is roasted with passion and skill with you in mind. You won’t find the quality of our coffee in your supermarket, mass-marketed, commercial coffee. We create specialty coffee because we want to connect to our customers and share our passion. We want you to be confident that your coffee is coming from a place where integrity and enthusiasm are the focus.