Barbeque Potato Chips


North Fork Potato Chips

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Texas Style barbeque made with Onion and garlic, vinegar and paprika, with a touch of molasses, sugar and tomato.  It’s a little bit of sweetness with a spicy kick.

Meet the Vendor:

The family behind North Fork Potato Chips has deep roots on Long Island. By the 1970s, Long Island farms were facing competition from much larger corporations out West, and a decline in Potato sales due to popular dietary trends. With the looming threat of shutting down a generations-old potato farm, Martin and Carol Sidor got creative. Using their own potatoes and real sunflower oil, the family began producing kettle-cooked potato chips. The abundant sunshine, ocean precipitation, and healthy soil in which their potatoes are grown give North Fork Potato Chips a uniquely Long Island taste.