Baby Spinach - 5 oz


Satur Farms

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Paulette Satur and Eberhad Mueller, co-owners of Satur Farms on the north fork of Long Island, harvest these tasty, dark green leaves at the baby stage of growth so there are minimal stems. Their full-flavored baby spinach is really ready-to-go. Their operations on Long Islands North Fork during summer, and in the mild Florida climate during winter, allow for year-round supply of sublimely fresh lettuces and greens.

Meet the Vendor

Satur Farms owned and operated by Paulette Satur and Eberhard Müller is dedicated to growing the finest vegetables and culinary ingredients. It began when they purchased their original farm on the North Fork of Long Island in 1997, with the intention of growing some vegetables and herbs for Chef Müller's restaurant. Colleagues in New York City asked if they might be able to buy their produce, and the farm as a business became a reality.