Almond Biscotti (7.15 oz)
Almond Biscotti (7.15 oz)

Almond Biscotti (7.15 oz)

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The Biscotti Company
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Gathered by Nettie's Country Bakery will be fulfilling Almond Biscotti (7.15 oz) orders.

These handcrafted Almond Biscotti has deep amaretto and almond flavoring, are packed with roasted almonds, almond meal, and just the right amount of sweetness, and finished with a hint of lemon. They are CRISPY and CRUNCHY and incredibly delicious - The perfect snack for any occasion.

Approximately 11 cookies per 7.15 ounce package.

Meet the Vendor:

The Biscotti Company is an artisan bakery that focuses on creating handcrafted cookies made from almonds, chocolate chunks and nutritious, natural ingredients.
We believe each biscotti bite should be crispy, crunchy, and deliciousIt starts with nona Vicenza's traditional Sicilian recipe, wholesome natural ingredients, and five generations of TLC.