About Us

Hey there! We're Nettie's Country Bakery, and we started Gathered as a way of bringing locally-produced food straight to your doorstep.

On Gathered, you can find local grocery items that will have you wondering why you ever shopped in a big-box supermarket to begin with. Choose your favorite products or set up a recurring delivery. We'll work with local businesses to put your order together, then we'll bring it right to your doorstep. 

Study after study has underscored what many of us knew all along: bigger businesses are not always better; indeed, they are often detrimental to our hometowns, siphoning our dollars away and leaving our storefronts vacant.

But what we all too often see is a trend toward highly-concentrated, global businesses - leaving our downtowns devoid of true commerce. We watch as our main streets are emptied out, and then feel a knot in our stomach when we're left with no choice but to shop in big box stores.

Call it nostalgic, but we believe in a world made up of thriving communities; a world where every individual has a realistic opportunity to run a small business in their hometown - supported by their friends, neighbors, and families. We believe in a world where you can keep your hard-earned money right there on Main Street rather than having it siphoned off by a big-box store.

It all begins by creating a simple connection between you, the customer, and the good folks making amazing food and drink products nearby. That's what we're here to do.