Crowler Can - Flying Dutchman

Crowler Can - Flying Dutchman

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Westhampton Beach Brewing Company
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Gathered by Westhampton Beach Brewing Company will be fulfilling Crowler Can - Flying Dutchman orders.

ABV: 9.8% IBU: 33

A warm, golden glow tips you off that this strong ale is an exceptional treat.  The Abbey yeast strain we fermented with accentuates the flavor of the Killer Bee honey used in this brew.  This is the strongest of the traditional Abbey styles, and when the sailors of the Flying Dutchman get a taste, their final port will be WHBBC.

Meet the Vendor:

Westhampton Beach Brewing Company is known not only for their line of delicious beer, but also for supporting local charities and organizations that help those in need, all while maintaining an environmentally-conscious footprint and using locally-sourced materials. So, grab yourself a six-pack and kick up your feet knowing that you are helping to bring a little bit of the beach to people all over the Island.